A state permitting clear perception and understanding; the area that may be seen distinctly or resolved into a clear image.

Hey Yogis,

We have some wonderful workshops and special added classes approaching. Please mark your calendars below for the following dates as they are not on the main schedule.





Wednesday Jan 25th from 5:30-6:30pm. Join me for a pop up class FLEX-ABILITY. The Ability to become more flexible and supple in all that you do. This class is for anyone wanting to come more flexible. Great for runners, dancers, surfers, paddlers, or any athlete. The first step is to stop telling yourself you can’t and start telling yourself YOU CAN…. xo 🙂 “Yoga is the Fountain of Youth” “You are only as Young as your spine is Flexible”

Please Bring a pair of Socks

Scarf or Strap


Thursday. Jan. 26th from 5-6pm, Discover your inner warrior through self-defense for Yogis!!
Paula Angelo will be instructing this class. She has many talents. She is an amazing and talented art teacher by day, a Certificated Yoga teacher, and has practiced studying Martial Arts for many years, earning a 2nd degree level black belt in Martial arts. I am beyond excited to take this class. This class is open to both men & women to become more aware of our surroundings.

Yoga teaches us to listen to our intuition. This sixth sense aids in detecting danger, as well as finding safety. Intuition is a heightened sense of awareness to the external surroundings. This is the scope we use to determine direction in life. Yoga poses provide strength and stamina. Holding the poses for multiple breaths makes us prepare mentally to override messages to give up.
Never give up. Certainly don’t give up your freedom, and hopefully don’t give up the willingness to protect what is most precious to you. Bikes come with patch kits. Cars come with methods to change flat tires and insurance in case of an accident. We learn first aid and CPR for medical emergencies. Why not prepare and have a plan for an extreme survival situation?

Knowing thyself is also knowing how to take care of thyself, no matter the situation in which you are called upon to take action. Be proactive, not reactive. That is the message in yoga. Never get caught off guard. Never turn your back on possibility. Remain open to opportunity. Always look toward reality, and be prepared for it all. Self renaissance. Self made. This is yoga. This is your life. Love it…

Be on alert for guidance toward safety and away from danger, both in the external world and the internal. Focus on the yin, but do not ignore the yang.


YOGA 101

Back to Basics Yoga Pop-Up Class for ALL YOU Beginners wanting to come to a Yoga class or for those who want to work on alignment:) Join me from 5:30- 6:30pm Wednesday Feb. 8th




Special Valentine’s Couples/ Partner Yoga Workshop Wednesday Feb. 15th

5:30-7pm. Practice what you love with your special someone. Join my husband and I for this fun and supportive Yoga practice. Breathe, move, and stretch as a collective community an with your partner that will make you laugh and exhale deeply. No flexibility required or yoga experience is required.

A great way to celebrate this day of connection. Cost $30 per couple. Space is limited and this class usually sells out quick. Please call 609-231-7915 to preregister by Monday Feb. 13th. Be prepared to laugh & have fun, while enjoying the connection with you and your partner.



Michelle Whelan will be holding a Yin Workshop Series on Monday evenings for the month of February.
Beginning Feb. 6th from 5:30pm-7pm. Investment is $60 for all 4 classes. Preregestration with payment is REQUIRED in order to hold your spot. Going forward, for all workshops, payment must be done IN ADVANCE of the workshop, in order to secure your spot. Class limited up to 12 students for this workshop. Please call 609-231-7915 to reserve your space by credit card or you can bring payment to the studio before or after any scheduled class.

Please visit for class schedule, descriptions, and prices. Please note, the website does not always update for quick changes so be sure to scroll down on the website where it says FB and click for updates or time changes or weather reports. Also,
for daily updates.

I am so grateful for all of your support and sharing your beautiful practice with me. YOU make me SHINE….

Light and Love,

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