Class Schedule
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Yoga Ginger 

~717 Asbury Ave OC, NJ 08226 ~ 609-231-7915




Friday May 26th,  9:30am Heart, Hips, & Hamstrings Fluidity Combo 

Saturday May 27th, 9am Hot Vinyasa Flow

Sunday May 28th, 7:30am Yoga RUN Yoga

Sunday May 28th, 9am- On The Wall YinYasa and Inversions

Memorial Day Monday May 29th, 9:30am Special Hot Yoga Class 

Sweat for a Cause 2017 PROOF

Day Time Class Teacher Level
Monday 9:30am Warm Vinyasa Flow  Suzanne All
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED Pop Up Classes See above for dates
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 9:30am Fluidity with Heart Hips & Hamstrings Combo Suzanne All
Saturday 9:00am Hot Vinyasa Flow Suzanne All
Sunday 7:30am Yoga Run Yoga Suzanne All
Slowdown Sunday 9:00am On the Wall with Inversions Stretch Combo  Suzanne All

**Classes & Schedule subject to Change**

No reservations needed for class

Off Season Rates: $13 drop in or $110 for a 10 class card.

Summer Rates: May 1st – Sept. 30th $16 drop in or $130 for a 10 class card.

Class card purchases are not refundable and never expire. However, they are fully transferable so you can share your classes with friends and family. A great way to introduce your loved ones to yoga.

Class Descriptions

Hot Vinyasa Flow-  A sweaty detoxifying class set in a heated room.  It is designed to challenge you mentally and physically on and off your mat.  A combination of strength postures in between flowing vinyasas will have you moving, breathing, and sweating.  You will discover yourself in a whole new way….

Hot Yoga Core and More–  Similar to Hot Vinyasa Flow  but pumping up the core to a whole new level.   This class will get to the “CORE” of holding poses much longer to build strength, adding  flexibility, and endurance.

Warm Vinyasa  Dance with your breath in a class that is moving and flowing in all directions.  Providing a little bit of warmth, allows your muscles to soften and flow even deeper in your asanas.  This class will have you feeling light, long and lean.  

Heart, Hips, & Hamstrings-  This class is designed to open up 3 Chakras.  The Anahata where the heart is located, the svadhisthana (sacral) for the hips, and the Muladhara (root)  for the hamstrings.  With use of the breath, learn how to release tension to open the heart, hips, and hamstrings.

Fluidity– A  yoga class designed to go with the flow and feel as if you are moving like water.  

Classical Barre/Fluidity Combo–  Take Fluidity to a whole new level….. Classical Ballet Barre warm -ups focusing on flowing gracefully between positions. You will learn how to create & maximize space within the body.     We will discuss internal and external rotation in the hips while focusing on core and alignment.  Learn to move gracefully like a ballerina while flowing right into a yoga practice.

YinYasa–   Move freely connecting to each asana at various speeds combining the YIN and the YANG of Yoga.

Ginger Yin–  Not just your average Yin Class.  Ginger Yin is designed to deepen your yin practice through the use of the  breath while continuing to bring life throughout each asana/ pose.  It focuses on keeping this particular practice  less stagnate  and feeling more alive and present.

On the Wall YinYasa–  Class is designed for anyone beginner- advanced.  Great for athletes who want a deep stretch, in the hips, quads, hamstrings, and shoulders.   You will be able to get into postures b using the wall on a deeper level.  This is a MUST TRY CLASS!!!  Experience being one with the WALL.

**Yoga Run Yoga– A combination of Yoga and Running.   For all the runners who love to do yoga increase flexibility.  We will start out with a Vinyasa to awaken the heart to prepare you for your journey off your mat & onto the street. Then we will go for an approximate 1 mile run.  The 3rd part of the class will deeply focus on lengthening the back of the hamstrings.  Be sure to come hydrated and bring a water bottle.   This class will be held early Sunday mornings late spring/ early summer.  


Suzanne E. Chew
717 Asbury Avenue
Ocean City, New Jersey 08226