Move with your breath, experience the journey...

The feel


Move with your breath, experience the journey with Yoga Ginger in downtown Ocean City, NJ.  With its bohemian free spirited ambiance, you will feel alive and know that change will take place.  Our studio focuses on proper alignment, suppleness in your asanas, and challenges you to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.  Yoga Ginger welcomes all levels, beginner through advanced.  Check out our seasonal schedule to see all that we offer.  So before you enter, leave your worries out the door.  As you enter, keep an open mind.  While practicing, believe you can do anything even if it’s the scariest or most impossible thing you ever dreamed of.  The best part is not knowing what is going to happen and YOU being ok with that.  Good things happen when you show up consistently to your mat.  Hope to see you and your smiling faces at the studio.


Suzanne E. Chew
717 Asbury Avenue
Ocean City, New Jersey 08226